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September 2016

Simon Krzic

iStock by Getty Images videographer Simon Krzic captures his love of extreme sports and nature through the art of cinematogy. With ambition, talent and creativity to spare, his videos reveal the world as seen through the adventure enthusiast's eyes. Learn more about September's Signature Artist of the Month.


iStock Signature Artist, Simon Krzic, goes to physical extremes to capture thrilling footage.
iStock by Getty Images videographer Simon Krzic is always up for a challenge, constantly pushing the envelope and testing the limits of cinematography.

“Whenever I meet with my directors at iStock by Getty Images I ask, ‘Tell me what’s impossible, that no one has done before and you don’t think anyone can do, and let’s see if I can do it,’ ” the Slovenian videographer said. “I’m always striving to make the impossible possible.”

Ten years and 500 shoots after his first iStock by Getty Images submission, this intense drive has enabled Simon to evolve from a casual contributor to a professional, now managing a team of 30 people with whom he creates up to 70 full-scale productions a year. As he and his team have become more advanced, they have enjoyed experimenting with new techniques and technologies such as drones and slow-motion cameras, which have helped set their work apart.

“Super slow motion video is so interesting and unique,” he said. “It allows you to explore the world around you in a different way — it shows you things your own eyes can’t perceive.”

New techniques give us a different perspective on the world around us.
Simon not only pushes himself artistically, but physically as well.

A lover of extreme sports, he’s an avid fan of activities such as bungee jumping and mountain climbing— and he’s a certified mountaineer. Moreover, he has incorporated this passion and sense of adventure into his choice of subject matter for his work.

“The thing I like most about videography is probably the thrill I get from behind the viewfinder trying to distill those 10 seconds of great action,” he said. “I especially enjoy filming spontaneous scenes like live concerts, because you have no control over what’s going to happen and there’s a lot of adrenaline going through the lens.

“One of my favorite topics to shoot are extreme sports. People with extraordinary skills always inspire me and I feel privileged to be able to shoot athletes who have real knowledge and experience with these sports. They do their thing and we do ours, which is cinematography, and then together, we make magic.”

Slowing down often reveals dramatic beauty.
Simon, too, has extraordinary skills.

His interest in videography began at the tender age of 14, after signing up for a video class at school. When the local TV station came to his class and asked if any of the students wanted to work for them, Simon jumped at the opportunity. He began filming content for their daily programming and continued working full-time through college.

“I was young, but no one really knows how old you are behind the camera,” he said. “I guess they saw talent in me and the willingness to work hard. The experience equipped me with the knowledge — and equipment — to gain a strong cinematic foundation.”

Simon is looking toward the next 10 years with the same ambition he’s approached the past 10.

“I think the most important goal is to evaluate yourself on the basis of how interesting your ideas are for the future, not what you are doing right now, because that’s already in the past,” he said. “We need to think forward and it can be quite hard to constantly keep the machine running, so I never stop looking around for interesting ideas. I want to keep pushing myself to do the impossible; to make impossible things possible.”

"When people watch my videos,
I want them to experience amazement."


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“One night, my wife—who co-founded my company with me—and I spontaneously decided we wanted to shoot a time lapse video. With the help of my father, we created a rig to attach my Nikon D200 to the top of my car. We drove around for three hours taking a new image every two seconds with a long shutter speed to get some motion blur—we ended up with over 5,000 images. It was a special feeling driving around with a camera on top of your car, but it definitely gives a jolt to your heart rate. The hardest part was keeping the proper distance from the cars ahead of us so the license plates weren’t visible. Every time we stopped at a traffic light people looked at us like we were crazy, but that was one of the best parts.”

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