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August 2016

Videographer and Photographer
Paolo Cipriani

iStock by Getty Images videographer Paolo Cipriani uses technology to show us the world through his own eyes. Whether he’s on an outdoor adventure or exploring a new city, his dynamic videos immerse us in his experiences. Learn more about August’s Signature Artist of the Month.


From early on, iStock by Getty Images videographer and photographer Paolo Cipriani always felt comfortable with a camera in his hands — it was getting the perfect shot that didn’t come as easily.

But once he traded his analog camera for a digital SLR, things finally started to click. And, importantly, the change also introduced him to the world of videography.

“When I switched to digital photography, for the first time I had a camera that could also shoot video,” he said. “At the beginning I wasn’t interested in it — I always saw myself as a photographer — but when I started seeing the results of the videos, I realized how much fun it was. I like to think of video as living, moving photographs.”

Technology continued to have a positive impact on the Italian videographer’s career, especially when he discovered GoPro. The small, wearable camera allowed Paolo to capture moments from his unique perspective.

“The GoPro was another huge change for me and allowed me to create videos from a new point of view,” Paolo said. “I really enjoy being in the outdoors and doing activities like mountain biking, motocross and mountain climbing. It’s a real privilege to be able to work while doing what I’m passionate about.”

Always eager to evolve his craft, Paolo continues to research the latest technology to incorporate into his work.

“The new 4K technology is really interesting,” he said. “It gives videographers the opportunity to improve and create videos of higher quality than ever before.”

He is also trying to learn more about 360˚ videography.

“It’s the next extension of point-of-view film,” he said. “It’s a significant change and a challenge I’m excited to take on.”

Another challenge for Paolo is giving his videography a personal, yet universal feel.

“The fantastic thing about stock is that my videos are exposed worldwide—someone in the US, China, or Australia could see them and buy them, so you have to remember you are shooting for a global audience,” he said. “It’s not an easy task to shoot things in my own style while still making videos that are relatable and useful for people all over the world, but it’s important.”

In addition to being a full-time videographer, Paolo also works as an ecology researcher. While these two career paths may seem like an unlikely pair, his research skills have actually helped to enhance his videography.

“As a researcher I’m obviously curious about nature and am constantly outdoors. Research gives me the predisposition to observe my surroundings and spot the hidden treasures all around,” he said. “My research background also helps me to analyze how I shoot and discover new ways in which I can improve.”

While much of Paolo’s life is spent in nature, he equally loves exploring urban areas around the world, particularly in his city of Rome.

“I love to just wander the city and get lost. This city has a power—it is full of so much, you could never see everything,” Paolo said. “I go to the Coliseum three or four times a week and every time I go I spot something new that I want to share. I’m so lucky to be from here; it’s my place.”

Whether he’s shooting in his own backyard of Rome, the mountains of Northern Italy, or on his various travels, he hopes to continue to help people see the world from a new perspective.

"I'm really influenced by the places I go and the people I meet. I try to be as spontaneous as possible in my approach — I'll pick a location and just let the inspiration unfold as I go."


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“One of my most memorable shoots was when I was on a mountain in Northern Italy. I had just finished a 40km bike ride and was exhausted, but the light was fantastic. I stopped my car, put my bike and my camera on my shoulder—it was too steep to bike at first—and went up to this spot I had previously been before a few years prior. While it was a struggle and I was tired, I had my target in mind and that kept me going. Once I made it there it was fantastic. I was completely alone except for the animals that kept popping out. The sunset was beautiful and I was filled with emotion. It was all worth it, it was a really amazing experience.”

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