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July 2016

Lifestyle photographer
Aleksandar Nakic

iStock by Getty Images photographer Aleksandar Nakic views life as one big adventure, savoring the little moments and freezing them in time. His images radiate enthusiasm, capturing his joie de vivre and encouraging others to seize the day. Prepare to be inspired as we learn more about July's Signature Artist of the Month.


Looking at photographer Aleksandar Nakic’s imagery is like flipping through a visual diary of his life.

With gorgeous snapshots of his family, friends and travels he invites viewers to join him on his remarkable journey.

“For me, there’s an unbreakable bond between personal life and photography,” the iStock by Getty Images Signature photographer said. “I have always worked mostly with my family and friends and we have practically built this portfolio together — spending days doing something fun, exploring new places, learning a lot about our relationships and using photo shoots as an excuse to be with each other. Little by little, almost by chance, family and love became the central subject of my work and I’m thankful about it every day.”

The Serbian photographer always had a desire to “freeze the moment,” ever since he was 8 years old
and would use his father’s old VHS camera to film his friends and family. Since then, his technique has matured but his method has remained the same. Rather than organizing contrived situations, Aleksandar prefers to live his life to the fullest and simply capture the moments along the way.

“My favorite shoots are the ones with no plan – just real people doing real things, showing actual joy,” he said. “At times when I don’t feel inspired I find it best to enjoy a book, spend a whole day with family and friends, watch a movie, listen to my favorite band; just absorb life and the inspiration will come.”


"I always prefer working with genuine people so whether the shoots are planned out or I'm just shooting in the moment, the emotions are real. It's a joy seeing people have an extraordinary moment and to be able to capture it."

Each year, Aleksandar sets a new goal or theme to live by, and this year, it’s adventure.

He’s already off to a flying start: At the time of this interview, he was in the midst of moving with his family from Serbia to Vienna.

“It’s so easy to become too comfortable,” he said, “and sometimes it’s hard to realize it’s happening. Every now and then I try to push myself outside my comfort zone, whether it’s spending my savings to go on a road trip down California’s coast, flying with our 1-year-old baby boy to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean or most recently, taking a hiking trip to the Himalayas."

“I think it’s important to keep writing those amazing stories of your life and creating something you’ll be proud of one day.”

While Aleksandar’s life is full of extraordinary moments, it’s the smallest ones that really stick with him.

“By going away and doing the things you never thought you would, you’ll mostly learn about yourself. It will stay with you and it will become you, so one day it will come out through your creative work,” Aleksandar said. “The smell of that beautiful summer day when you were 15, the sound of the radio playing in your parent’s car, the taste of a morning coffee on the streets of NYC — those little things that don’t seem like much will all define you and those are the feelings I’m trying to capture during my shoots.”

As a result, Aleksandar’s photos emanate a true sense of joy. His appreciation for friends, family and life are palpable.

“I know that there’s more to life than sunny days, friends on a beach, big smiles, kissing under the Eiffel Tower, lighting up a camp fire, playing a guitar, running through the fields of wheat, lying around with your dog, spending your senior years learning to ride a surfboard, going on a road trip, driving bikes with your kid,” he said. “But in the end, these are the stories that we’ll remember.”


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“My father has lived many lives and he always reminds me that it’s never too late to learn something new or start over. Growing up, he was a self-taught hairdresser, worked as a wedding photographer and painted houses — all before he was in high school. Later on, he became a professional boxer while training to be a laboratory assistant. Around his 30th birthday, he moved to a seaside town in Libya to work at a hospital, where he met my mother and had my sister and I. Ten years later, he moved to Germany where he got a job even though he didn’t speak German. He’s been a true inspiration to me.

Last year, he turned 70 and we decided to go to Greece as a family and I brought my new surfboards with us. It was his first time ever holding one, but he was a natural. The waves were low, as was our surfing knowledge, but it was one hell of a fun morning.”

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