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Unfiltered is direct, honest and rooted in reality; the antithesis of glossy aspirational advertising. Genuine authenticity is scarce, so anything genuine feels at odds with mass marketing – commanding the immediate attention of your audience.

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The origins of Virtuality lie in immersive social media. Instagram illustrated our voracious hunger for instantaneous first-person content; raw, impulsive and mostly unrehearsed, it makes for an incredibly authentic exchange allowing us to experience life in someone else’s shoes.

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Colour Surge

In our hyper-kinetic world, audiences are fatigued with the ordinary. Unusual colour combinations immediately ignite interest and excitement; whether overwhelmingly beautiful or exquisitely ugly, the powerful manipulation of colour stops us in our tracks.

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New Naivety

New Naivety is about embracing visuals that are spontaneous, playful, and at times uncomfortable. Younger generations express themselves in increasingly complex, lighthearted and unpredictable ways; it’s time to get raw, get real and make people laugh.

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